hanseboot's Worlds 2nd blokart Indoor Championship

The Championship will take place during the opening weekend of the Hamburg Boatshow hanseboot. The race track will be in Hall A3 in front of 16 fans with a diameter of 1,5 m each, generating 10 to 15 kts. of wind on a 40 by 80 m racetrack.

Please click NOR for the Notice of Race with further information.

If you like to enter, please send the entrance fee and a mail to ab@racingdivision.de with your wheight class. The registration fee is 100 €. The bank details are as followed: The Friendship Racing Division GmbH, Commerz Bank Hamburg, IBAN: DE51 2008 0000 0924 691500, BIC: DRESDE FF 200

The entry fee includes food and soft drinks during the races, Pilots party on Saturday after racing, free access to the boat show, parking, event polo shirt. The race track will be in Hall A3. This page is under construction for the next days, so please check back frequently.


Blokart Team Germany 

Notice of Race

Download Your Notice of Race.

Hall Plans

are here.


Nr.      Name   Nation Wheightclass
1 Bruhn, Alexander                          GER                 L
2 Bruhn, Philipp   GER  F
3 Röger, Josef   GER H
4 Schopferer, Brukhart   GER 
5 Bruhn, Henrik   GER F
6 Bruhn, Arne   GER F
7 Heemann, Dominic   GER H
8 Baier, Martin   GER M
9 Wittchow, Julius   GER M
10 Pfeiffer, Lars   GER M
11 Steve Varden   GBR M
12 Buhl, Karin   GER M
13 Buhl, Olaf   GER M
14 Staake, Barbara   GER L
15 Harder, Sven   GER L
16 Eitzen, John von   GER H
17 Keim, Hans-Jörg   GER H
18 Lembke, Peter   GER H
19 Louw, Alexander van der   GER M
20 Adam, Kai   GER H
21 Adam, Chris   GER L
22 Wullf, Torsten   GER H
23 Andresen, Jan Eike   GER M
24 Verbeek, Perter   NED H
25 Wolf, Finn   GER F
26 Wolf, Louis   GER F

Theses Pilots are already registrated.